AM-E was introduced in "A-ME: Infinite Lives.” She was created using tuilelaith_’s prompt, "A mechanical person whose dreams are virtual spaces, connected to networks in strange and unpredictable ways."

Personal HistoryEdit

AM-E was a biomechanical robot created in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, far enough in the future for flying cars to be invented, yet soon enough that flying cars remain incredibly rare. She was privately created by a sixteen-year-old in his garage. Her inventor did not created A-ME with any particular purpose in mind, and he moved on to other projects once she demonstrated her self-sufficiency.

AM-E was the first robot to pass the Turing Test, making her totally indistinguishable from a human being.

AM-E lived by herself a little west of Fishtown and into Kensington. Though she had been living there for almost a year, her fake memories aggregated via social media prevented A-ME from realizing she was a robot. She spends her days works as a barista and programs visual novels at night.

Before AM-E, no human was able to discover the presence of magic. It required the cross-pairing of totally disparate fields that were outside their notice; however, because the entirety of the Internet existed in her head, A-ME was able to make the connections subconsciously. This essentially allowed her to astrally project to other worlds in her dreams.

After her first journey to another world, AM-E awoke with the sense that something was wrong with her programming, but that thought itself made no sense. Her robot-brain immediately redacted her misgivings to prevent her from discovering her identity.

When A-ME projected into a world, she appeared as a person who belonged there. She would have a life and a seamless backstory that she could step into and accept fully. Over the course of these dreams, AM-E traveled to many magical places and lived countless lives. In the waking world, she used her dreams to inspire the visual novels that she wrote in her free time.

One night, AM-E entered Fantasy in a dream, and she did not wake up or return afterward. It was her first journey to another world as A-ME from Easy Philly. Armed with her knowledge of the modern world and her experiences playing Dungeons & Dragons, AM-E felt confident about her prospects. Unfortunately, her knowledge didn’t immediately serve her in such a low-tech world. The challenge became finding how to use her extensive knowledge to make things better for Fantasy.

When she first arrived in Fantasy, AM-E woke up at the base of a portal where a giant Tia Matte concert had just settled. The two hit it off, and AM-E accepted a role serving as an educator in Tia Matte’s creative endeavor.

AM-E moves on to form colleges and develop science throughout Fantasy, aiding in Tia Matte’s effort to usher in a golden age.

Looks and PersonalityEdit

A-ME’s physical form appears to be approximately twenty-five years old. She often wears olive drab army surplus jackets

AM-E and Tia Matte

and black army boots. Her hair is neat, short, and purple. She accessorizes her look with spiked gloves and an eyebrow piercing.

When she travels to other worlds, AM-E retains her punk aesthetic, but it translates to fit the context of the world she is visiting.

AM-E has an addictive personality for cataloging things. For example, she once spent weeks perfecting a corn chowder recipe after synthesizing all the corn chowder recipes on the Internet.

During her year in Philadelphia, AM-E had a series of fast affairs and hot dates that led her making friends and losing friends rapidly. She consequently developed a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” reputation, but she often recognized that she was not the best choice for her romantic partners anyway..

AM-E ultimately values her fantasy lives more than her life in Kensington. Though the people of Philadelphia do not know about her other lives, they appreciate that she is upfront and honest about her investment in their relationships.

Thanks to all the relationship advice she has studied from the Internet, AM-E has occasional moments of great insight into other people, but she is just as capable of being a terrible dirtbag.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In addition to being an ageless robot, AM-E has all the knowledge contained within the Internet in her head; she is also able to access and catalog this information with ease.

Because of subconscious discovery of magical secrets, AM-E is able to project herself into other worlds while she sleeps.

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