Big Jeremy Irons was introduced in “Big Jeremy and the Goats of the Round Table.” He was created using BeeCollage's prompt, "Big Jeremy, the ironmonger's son."

Personal HistoryEdit

Born the son of an ironmonger in an unnamed, decadent society, Big Jeremy grew up comfortably wealthy; following a rash of mint jelly poisonings in his city, violence rose to an all-time high. He took a stand against these offenses and, gathering the nomadic beastpeople, offered them a new home in Iron Hill.

Though Big Jeremy provided a four-square-miles plot of his family's land as a refuge, he was not initially the leader of Iron Hill. It's first ruler was Arthur, the king under whom Big Jeremy served. Generations of children were raised with stories of how “Ser Jeremy the Big” defended the beastpeople at Iron Hill.

Following the Battle at Iron Hill and the death of Arthur, Big Jeremy was the last of the goat beastpeople and, consequently, the last knight of the Goats of the Round Table.

Big Jeremy now oversees Iron Hill while running his boutique, providing safety and comfort to his fellows. These followers are extremely loyal, even professing their willingness to follow him to the gates of hell.

After such a storied life, Big Jeremy now wants to be done with fighting and focus on cutting hair and acting. Despite this, he is prepared to continue fighting in order to maintain the legacy Arthur has built.

Big Jeremy can read and speak the common tongue, but he has lost track of the heritage of the beastpeople

Looks and PersonalityEdit

Big Jeremy is an anthropomorphic goat person. He wears armor that has been glamoured to appear as a regular coat and vest. He also wears round, enchanted glasses that he received from Arthur.

Unfortunately, Big Jeremy cannot shake his obsession the Battle at Iron Hill.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Because of his youth in a decadent society, Big Jeremy possesses an increased resistance to occurrences that might cause insanity (such as horror, violence, or drugs).

The Irons family is naturally long-lived. They can be killed only by poison, to which they are especially susceptible.

Big Jeremy's immortality comes from Arthur’s glasses. Whoever wears the glasses is gifted with a vitality that allows them to oversee the growth of their kingdom forever.

Through the centuries, Big Jeremy has cultivated an impressive list of hobbies. Most notably, he devotes between 10-15% of his income to his hair boutique, "Billy Goat Scruff," where he styles the hair of beastpeople to make them more presentable to other humanoids. He is also a world-class actor and enjoys sports such as fishing, boxing, and hunting.

Big Jeremy's specialty weapon is the light mace.

Other NotesEdit

  • Big Jeremy is reportedly one of the most powerful beings in Fantasy.
  • Big Jeremy is a tremendous fan of the insult and prop comic, Wyzzardd.

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