Conjure was introduced in "Conjure: Limit Breaker” and was created using a prompt from @Voidfishing.

Prompt: " A ranger who is basically a pokemon trainer"

Conjure is designing/creating monsters. She is conjuring them to life. The creatures she summons generally feel the same emotion she is experiencing when she summons them. The conjured creature is based on the enviroment and her state of mind.

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Conjure was an illusionist.


Discovery of power: Edit

She was an adventurer early on. Traveling companion dies in a dungeon against a vampire lord. Conjure tries to save his life. In desperation she casts a spell and she creates a Varghul with his head. She has learnt her ability to conjure summon when she is desperate. She then goes on a quest to discover how she did this and how could she use it to help people.

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