Crystal Grim was introduced in Crystal Grim: Reap What You Sow and was created using @TroublePooka's prompt

History Edit

During the time of the weakened leylines, and the time of John-Pierre's quest to reactivate them, there was one girl helming a company, a Mech, and a parent less family.

Crystal has inherited her parent's business "Grim Industries" which discovered, manufactures, refines, studies, and constructs objects from the necrometal. Necrometal is a living, form changing metal that is powered by channeling the spirits from the leyline. While she inherited the business and product, Crystal was the one who invented the mech technology and created the first mech

Relationships Edit

Crystal never knew her parents, but looks up and appreciates them for the contributions they have shared. The parents left Crystal with 4 siblings, and one such sibling is creating an evil mech somewhere. Crystal raised their siblings, who hero worship them

Crystal has one friend for the first 16 years of her life, Randy Newman, the mechanic, the comedic relief character for the mecha anime, and his episodes are the filler episodes. Randy is Crystal's ex-lover and a mech pilot in Crystal's team. She has gained more friends since then, such as the head miner of the living metal mining operation.

While Crystal has had a relationship or two, and a couple flings, she is currently single, and is focusing on work. If the right person comes up she will take a chance.

In total Crystal has only three friends.

Mission Edit

Originally: To use the Necromech to defend her town from monsters

To free those who are hurting under these haunted ghosts.

To battle Poltergiests, corrupted mechs, by piloting and fighting with the Necromech to absorb the defeated Poltergiests souls and cleansing them, returning the spirits to the leyline.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

  • She is arrogant, proud, and aloof. Her mission
  • She values money, by way of it funding research and her mission
  • She built everything to protect her family since she is the parental figure of her siblings
  • Most valued possession is a old jacket from one of the first test pilot's, who died. She has it on her person at all times to remind herself of the dangers. Mech piloting is not for fun, it's a responsibility.
  • She values her parents most of all, respect to the people who gave her the life she is able to live now, and has passed this sentiment down to her siblings

Catch phrase Edit

"Here I Go! Prepare to reap what you sow!"

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