Dwarves in Fantasy have a rich culture dating back to the Five.Edit

The Age of the FiveEdit

The Five are beings of Light that traverse the cosmos and planes of existence, shaping worlds and the inhabitants within them. The Age of the Five is dominated by the search for relics that will make each Fantasy race as powerful as The Five.

The rocks are quaked by Yellow and the Dwarves themselves are carved from them

The Machine God*Edit

Dwarves worship the god of industry - The Machine God... They have a natural gift given to them to build machines and they chalk that up to being blessed by a machine. "All hail the machine god, we build these cities in your honor"

The Eras of GeodeEdit

The dwarves are based in Geode, under the mountain, and closed off to the rest of the world in the time of John-Pierre

Dwarven Naming CultureEdit

Dwarves first names are their first word. A dwarf will speak and that word will guide the rest of their life, shaping their career path and how their family treats them.

Dwarves in FantasyEdit




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