Grim industries discovered, manufactures, refines, studies, and constructs objects from the necrometal. Necrometal is a living, form changing metal that is powered by channeling the spirits from the leyline.

Founded by Crystal Grim's parents, Crystal is now the head of the company.

With the weakened Leylines, this necrometal is needed to sustain the Grim family lifestyle

Products made by Grim Industries: Edit

  • Mecha
  • Housing structures

Mission Edit

To use Necrometal to rebuild civilization from when the keylines suddenly dried up, to provide protection from monsters, and to research and use necrometal for the good of all and build a better future

Those with connections with Grim Industries Edit

  • Crystal Grim: Head
  • Crystal's three siblings, one which runs Grim Industries in Crystal's stead when she is mech fighting, and one (named rifle) pilots the Boltmech. The last sibling is a government official.
  • The Grim Parents
  • Crystal's fourth sibling: unknown location, creating an evil mech
  • Necromech
  • Randy Newman: Mechanic and mech pilot.
  • Head miner