John-Pierre was introduced in “John-Pierre: With Great Style Comes Grape Responsibility.” He was created using DaigleBagel's prompt, "A dwarf with style."

Personal HistoryEdit

John-Pierre was born in a golden age of discovery; during this era of magic, everyone was born with magic inside them.

Like many dwarves in his time, he fulfilled a mandatory period of military service on the surface. The Dwarven military was a force to be reckoned with, as they built gunpowder weapons which the surfacers had never seen before. John-Pierre personally built his rifle, The Lone Star, for himself.

During his military career, John-Pierre served his time doing genuine good for Fantasy. His service ended shortly after he saved a nobleman’s child. John-Pierre magically foresaw a sickness in the child and offered preventative medicine to the noble. When the child began to show signs of illness, the noble administered John-Pierre’s cure and prevented the illness from turning fatal. As a reward, John-Pierre was released from the military in order to begin exploring his personal freedoms.

John-Pierre was satisfied that he had done his part to help Fantasy, and he was ready to move on to the next chapter of his life. He hoped to enjoy his leisure time and planned to use it to travel, to take in the sights and sounds of nature, and to see the beauty of the world.

Within ten years of his retirement, however, the magical leylines of Fantasy went dry, and the world wasted away. The civilized infrastructures that kept monsters at bay (including barriers to protect the cities themselves) fell, and monsters ran rampant. It was around this time that John-Pierre learned of his fate when he had a vision of his own death. By using The Lone Star, John-Pierre would be able to jumpstart the leylines and return magic to Fantasy, but the weapon would kill him in the process because he would have to put magic of his soul into the gun and then fire it into the leyline. John-Pierre accepted his burden and began to walk to each of the leyline cores, knowing that every step was bringing him closer to his own death. With every leyline he activated, John-Pierre soaked up more of the the environmental magic simply from being close to the cores.

John-Pierre was ultimately successful at restoring magic to Fantasy, but the residual magical energy he amassed disintegrated him when he activated the last leyline core.

Looks and PersonalityEdit

John-Pierre had one silver eye and one brown eye. His beard was a salt-and-pepper gray, and he wore tiny bifocals that made him look older in a dignified sort of way. He also wore a cowboy hat and kept The Lone Star slung across his shoulder. His short boots clicked when he walked, and they were adorned with spurs entirely for looks. John-Pierre also wore two holsters: one for his vaping rig and another for his vape juice.

Throughout the last years of his life, John-Pierre carried himself with the smoothness of a cowboy while the rest of Fantasy was stuck in a savage Dark Age.

John-Pierre was able to make almost anything cool thanks to his magnetic personality. He possessed an outdoorsy sort of coolness, and he smelled like charcoal and campfire (which was especially cool to dwarves because most would not have access to fresh wood for burning).

Unfortunately, John-Pierre was really into vaping; it was the one thing he was consciously trying to make cool. He remained steadfastly convinced that it would catch on one day. Despite this, he had enough style that people continued to respect his look. In fact, tons of vape shops opened in his wake, but no one could understood why.

John-Pierre lived a life that prioritized his duty to the world above all personal interests.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

John-Pierre was born with magically keen vision. He was able to catch glimpses of the future in his dreams. His visions specifically told him where he must go next. As a young dwarf, John-Pierre saw flashes of wasteland caves and temples long before the leylines dried up.

John-Pierre’s silver eye also allows him to see the sins of others. He was pretty chill about what he did with that information, though.

As John-Pierre’s adventure continued, he became more unified with the magical force of the world as he activated each leyline. John-Pierre continued to grow in power, but those powers became progressively more difficult to control. By the end of his life, John-Pierre was thought to be at least twice as tough and twice as strong as the average dwarf.

John-Pierre’s preferred weapon is his custom rifle, The Lone Star.

Other NotesEdit

  • John-Pierre’s favorite flavor of e-liquid is “Grape Vape Juice.”

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