Jonny Orko was introduced in “Jonny Orko: Satan, Thy Name is Paulie.” He was created using KeanKeeKs' prompt, "A small half-orc who just graduated orc-academy(?), never fit in, and wants to figure out his next steps in life.”

Personal HistoryEdit

Eighteen-year-old Jonny graduated from Orc Academy as a solid C student. Though mediocre in many ways, he learned to survive in a military culture by skirting the rules. His reputation as a funny guy helped him get by, and he passed many days cheating at spades.

By the time he was nineteen years old, Jonny had chosen not to go to college, opting instead to go into the army. He successfully completed his basic training and joined the infantry, but because he made enemies with his drill sergeant during training, he missed out on the safer support jobs. Early in his military career, Jonny was assigned to a peacekeeping role. He was tasked with guarding a noble family's planet cracker. The mining operation displeased the native inhabitants of the planet. In order to keep the peace, Jonny told lies to soothe the native peoples.

One of the most noteworthy atrocities Jonny hid from the natives was how their children were being ground into an energy sports drink. Jonny was blissfully unaware of the consequences of his actions during this time. He was satisfied to have money and could not be bothered with the details. By the time he was twenty-two years old, Jonny received a promotion to lance corporal. Soon afterward, a terraforming operation went bad; he was guarding the embassy and the planet cracker was attacked. He demonstrated leadership during the crisis but did some morally questionable things to defend the planet cracker. His superiors appreciated his efforts, however, and he received a promotion to lieutenant. For a time, Jonny thrived in the military. Because of his successful defense, his superiors moved him between planets as to scout rebel forces. He was also responsible for training new guards to handle terraforming rebellions.

Around twenty-five years old, Jonny was thrown into a brutal ground war. A routine assignment to monitor a terraforming project went awry, and by the time he arrived, it had already broken into open rebellion. This rebellion occurred because Jonny fatally underestimated the rebels possessed a force of 30,000 when they actually numbered upwards of 200,000 people.

Jonny had to take an active combat role for the first time in years. Though he barely scraped by, he was not injured in the conflict. He was, however, the only member of his unit to survive because he blew the planet cracker up with both the rebels and his men still inside. His superiors see him as a hero for ultimately surviving and accomplishing his mission, and he was promoted to captain. At the age of twenty-six, Jonny retired from military life. By this time, he had become relatively poor and lived as a drifter, going from place to place and hiring out his mercenary skills. Now thirty years old, Jonny fights to protect indigenous peoples and takes jobs to undercut the efforts of the nobility. He hopes that one day he can undo the harm that he did.

Looks and PersonalityEdit

Before Jonny sacrificed his unit, he was primarily motivated by his own self interests. Since then, he has seen the folly of

Jonny Orko

his ways. He was shaken by what he felt that he had to do. He also feels that the older generations are at least partially to blame because of the orders they gave him.

Jonny feel remorseful for all the bad he has done and is trying to make amends. Despite that, even when helping people, he tends toward unethically brutal, snap-neck solutions because he doesn’t know better.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

During his days in Orc Academy, Jonny developed his street smarts. This included learning how to cheat at spades, what kind of alleys to avoid, and who to talk to for contraband. He was also a successful carouser and learned to fly various vehicles for the sake of joyriding.

Because of his military training, Jonny is passably skilled at driving, athletics, reconnaissance, and an assortment of weapons.

Jonny became a skilled diplomat during his time scouting planets and training soldiers.

Other NotesEdit

Art by Shannon Dapper