Madam Mysteria was introduced in “Madam Mysteria: The Revolution of Puri... Grasshopper City.” She was created using DaMoonRulz's prompt, "A Cleric whose Holy symbol is a tome known as: 'The Secret.'"

Personal HistoryEdit

Mysteria grew up with with her father in Purithra Guild, though at some point in her youth, it became known as Grasshopper City. Her father was a high priest in the Order of the Locust, and she became a cleric following in his footsteps. Her childhood was largely without incident or catastrophe thanks to the protective actions of her father.

Eventually, Mysteria recognizes the foolishness of giving away three quarters of Grasshopper City's food to Liminy Locust, and she wants the city to come to their senses, as well. She cannot understand why the people don’t fight back, but she knows this is not a fight she can win alone. She needs the people, and so Mysteria decides to start a revolution.

At some point during her revolutionary efforts, Mysteria began studying the summoning arts. In a moment of danger, she encountered an eidolon that takes the form of a giant skunk named Toots. After saving her life, Toots continued to guard Mysteria. Toots is large enough to serve as Mysteria's mount.

Mysteria had once found true love with Chad Butternut, but that time passed. For a while, Chad Butternut was ready to help Mysteria make a stand against Liminy Locust. When he changed his mind after making plans to run for mayor, the two of them parted ways. Mysteria simply absconded into the darkness one night, and the two did not see each other for some time. Mysteria decides to enter the Grasshopper City elections to run against Chad Butternut (and thus, Liminy Locust). Her campaign manager is Samuel Gourd. Their political strategy is to win through violent politics, including proposing a hefty tax on the Order of the Locust. Unfortunately, this requires her to turn her back on the Order of the Locust and her father completely. Mysteria and Chad Butternut were locked in a stalemate for some time. Finally, Chad Butternut forced Mysteria into action when he assassinated Samuel Gourd. She then knew that she had to take definitive action and feels she must wipe the Butternuts off the map.

Around this time, a scholar within the Order of the Locust revealed himself to Mysteria. He claimed that, through the study of ancient texts, he had learned how to kill Liminy Locust. This same person inspired Mysteria's mother to go on the same quest. He insisted that Mysteria was being called upon to finish the job. The scholar was referring to a tome call The Secret. This tome contained a collection of spells that would allow Mysteria to raise a gigantic undead army to put a stop to Liminy Locust's reign.

Mysteria discovers that she has always possessed The Secret. Her mother died acquiring the tome years ago, and though it was transported back, her father didn't know what to do with it. For years, The Secret had been a simple decoration on the mantle above her family's fireplace.

After mastering the "Animate Undead" spell within The Secret, Mysteria's efforts were frustrated by an indecipherable spell within the text. She learns Chad Butternut possesses a relic known at the Literacy Lens that would allow her to study the spell.

It is easy for Mysteria to storm the Butternut manor and destroy Chad Butternut's forces. However, while pinning him down with a hoard of zombies, her knife pressed to his throat, she hesitates. It isn't until Chad Butternut goads her that she finds the strength to look him in the eye and stab him.

With the Literacy Lens now in her possession, Mysteria discovers that the previously indecipherable spell will allow her to enlarge herself to mythic proportions. As Mysteria casts the mythic enlargement spell, Liminy Locust awakens to defend itself in the coming battle.

Mounted atop Toots, Mysteria engages in fierce combat with Liminy Locust. During the climax of their battle, however, the combatants mysteriously vanish. They have not been seen since.

Both Mysteria and Liminy Locust become gods in the newly liberated Purithra Guild, and their churches live on separately. Mysteria is worshipped as a goddess of revolution, knowledge, and duty.

No one knows for certain what happened to The Secret after Mysteria disappeared.

Looks and PersonalityEdit

Today, people disagree on Mysteria's appearance; as a goddess, her form varies depending on each artist's representation of her.

In life, Mysteria wanted others to accept her, particularly in regards to any social flaws and breaches of etiquette. Her fear of rejection led her to believe she had to prove that she was special and worthy of merit. As a result, she was often willing to go to great lengths to earn the acceptance of her peers.

Mysteria was known to express some regrets over ending her relationship with Chad Butternut. She would think about the world she could have had if she stayed, but she ultimately recognized that she had a greater calling.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mysteria is a powerful cleric capable of animating the dead. She is also an accomplished summoner, often fighting alongside her giant skunk, Toots.

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