Mech technology history Edit

After the leader of Grim industries, a 16 year old Crystal, created ___ , numerous other mecha's sprung up from people who stole Crystal's designs and technology. Yet those copy cat creators don't have access to the same magitech, or to the necrometal, and/or do not know that the living metal is the key component. And those reproducers do not know how to properly sync up the pilot to the mech. Only Crystal knows how to make this tech safe, functional, and not dangerous to people.

 Poltergiests Edit

The copycat mechs are dangerous, because the pilots can't sync up to the same degree, and with a bad connection the spirits that power the mech form a Poltergiest, a corrupted mech that embodies warped murderous rage.

Piloting Edit

Manuevering the mech is done mentally. The pilot is suspended in the mech's pod sync fluid, a la evangelion. If the pilot is not able to sync with the mech, best case is that the mech wont run, worst case is either the pilot is harmed or a poltergiest is created. Through the sync fluid with a properly synced pilot, the mech should be as if it is the body of the pilot.

 Design + Aesthetics Edit

  • Made from living metal, the metal can change and take different shapes depending who it's linked to.
  • Hardlight projections form weapons specific to either the pilot, or the weapon design is a collaboration with the souls absorbed "like if she absorbed the spirit of slip willis, the weapon would form into large fists, because slip was a fist fighter"
  • Pilot must be able to mentally sync to the mech
    • Due to that, damage to the mech causes damage to the pilot, such as mental or internal damage.
    • Can Transform?
    • has a large sword/canon but will discard it to show that this battle is real.
    • Fueled by spirits from the leyline.
    • Can absorb defeated Poltergiest spirits, cleanse them, and releases them back into the leyline safely.

Mecha: Edit