This is a list of prompts used to create characters in All My Fantasy Children. Edit

Samuel Gourd and Chad ButternutEdit

  • "A farmer who’s been salty ever since he came in second place at the annual state pumpkin festival." -Sean Ravenkamp

Slip WillisEdit

  • "Slip Willis, the trash bard with an ostentatious hat." -LevianthanFiles

Big JeremyEdit

  • "Big Jeremy, the ironmonger's son." -BeeCollage

Jonny OrkoEdit

  • "A small half-orc who just graduated orc-academy(?), never fit in, and wants to figure out his next steps in life.” -KeanKeeK
  • The last bard of a destroyed world, they now travel other worlds telling their tale" -@FrankiExtra

Craig "Wyzzardd" HasterburgEdit

  • "A jester who thinks he's a wizard." -ydacretsim

Madam Mysteria, Liminy Locust, and TootsEdit

  • "A Cleric whose Holy symbol is a tome known as: 'The Secret.'" -DaMoonRulz


  • "A dwarf with style." -DaigleBagel

Tia MatteEdit

  • "A Dragonkin bard who wants to be an idol." -Spacekase

Captain Goldbeard/Crosley DigwellEdit

  • "A pirate captain with a strict no killing policy." -Plantbird


  • "A mechanical person whose dreams are virtual spaces, connected to networks in strange and unpredictable ways." -tuilelaith_

Skylar MorrisonEdit

  • "The manager of a farm-to-table nutrient paste co-op" -@SweatdropEmoji

Pumpkin JayEdit

  • "Chad Butternut once left a pumpkin out- lightning hit it- came to life- it wanted to learn magic" -@BlakeRyanBatman

Eliza Johnswort and Callahan WhiskermanEdit

  • "A ranger whose animal companion used to be a human" -Penumdra

Ansel MindfreakEdit

  • "A crow magician who likes arts and crafts" -@Corvidcall

Swiftwind, the Messenger Sword, and Shao KlownEdit

  • "A fighter whose talking weapon really isn't cool with the whole violence thing." -@birchpine
  • "A world-renowned hero with a magical, talking sword but they've had a falling out recently and hate each other now." -@jetpackisland

Mr. JeansEdit

  • "Mr Jeans is *5[= 3@*/>;'s manager. Wheelin' and dealin' to get them the best booking. May or may not be a myconid in disguise." -@LeviathanFiles

Lendin Justice JudicatorEdit

  • "A fighter who claims to a paladin that's just between gods right now, ok?" -@Spectacles_ak

Trick SmallmanEdit

  • "A cute old train conductor who is beloved by all his passengers" -@TreeHuggerKing

Catch CavalierEdit

  • "Catch Cavalier, the world's most charming necromancer" -@plantbird

Curd "Stratos" StonebottomEdit

  • "A dwarf dreams of seeing the sky one day." -@Sealkie

Doc ScruffEdit

  • An adventurer trapped in a survivor style puzzle dungeon, their exploits being broadcast around the world" -@websitedotbiz

Rust Ironhands and Delta ∆Edit

  • "A failed mad scientist who is in love with their most successful creation" -@DoilySpider
  • " " -@Daninr

Mama Kat and CorbyEdit

  • "this hero's a mom. who falls asleep all the time, but that's okay, because she's got a big heart, and an even bigger weapon" -@Dromedary

Primrose and Trance HalfordEdit

  • "an astronomer who searches among the stars in hopes to find an answer to their personal insecurities," -

Piera SpencerEdit

  • "A mage who just wants to be a rogue" -@Swordgirlfriend


  • "A rock (and roll) gnome who died in a pyrotechnic display and has returned as a ghost" -@rkreutzlandry

Rinel and CederEdit

  • "A Kobold. That's it. Have at it. #Koboldprompt" -@thefoxblood

Squash CornfieldEdit

  • "'Some say the path of pleasure is the opposite way of godhood, but that path is not a single line - it is a circle, one of many. The "opposite" way also leads to the same place, and thus the path of ecstasy allows us to ascend as well. And what greater ecstasy than the perfect meal? A bouillabaisse after a wintry night at sea? A buttery and spirit-soaked desert as a prelude and foundation to lovemaking? A perfect egg sandwich to accompany the sun's rising? An apple on a rooftop overlooking the city? But of course, "perfect" is relative - there are heights to cuisine yet unscaled, culinary frontiers yet unbroken. And where might they lie? Magic is a force we see in our everyday lives - a force for war, but also for innovation and convenience. So why not for food? Why has no one considered this? With magical manipulation, whether through ancient rituals, arcane ingredients, or raw elemental power - we would have a breakthrough in cooking like no civilization before has ever seen. Yes, we have potions - we consume them and they produce magical effects, but bleh - where's the flavor? Perhaps some essence from a fire elemental to add REAL spice. Ritual infusions to open up the senses, or invent new ones. A souffle so light and fluffy, you literally float in the air. The possibilities are infinite, as is the pleasure attainable. And so I embark on this journey of discovery and invention, to bend the arcane arts to my culinary will, and to be a chef to the gods themselves, indeed a god of pleasure myself. "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.' - Virginia Woolf" -Joe Pavelka

The Empress PlasmagoreEdit

  • "suggestion: a vampire. But from space?" -@Shannondapper

Finn Nexus and Lee NexusEdit

  • "Where the thousand rivers meet, 2 siblings found a trading outpost. But as the town grows, so too does their rivalry" -@Observer138
  • "A pair of twins who run competing fantasy businesses" -@oitnily

Spot L. ShellmanEdit

  • "A beetle beastman who runs a casino" -@plantbird

Crystal GrimEdit

  • " " -@TroublePooka


  • " " -@HatchHillGames
  • " " -@kaitlyn_steele

Bazooka Joe PesciEdit

  • " " -@MonkipiQuinn

Slash and BurnEdit

  • "One of the star athletes of a premier team in Fantasy's most popular fantasy sport (other than pro wrestling)" -@oitnily

Gordon GumboatEdit

  • " " -@DoilySpider

Ember InfernaEdit

  • " " -@EmelieHal


  • " " -@Voidfishling


  • " " -@HauntingtheMorg

Dusk SeabreezeEdit

  • "A shadow broker that secretly runs underground information. Even Big Jermey don't know about him." -@ProjectHelm

Barney BarghestEdit

  • "Barney Barghest, the candlestick maker" -@oitnily

Terri GadgetEdit

  • "In a dystopic cityscape, a half-orc artificer monitors the arcane tech that keeps things afloat." -dharma_punx

Headless SevenEdit

  • "Headless Seven" -@DaMoonRulz

Brew AlbertsonEdit

  • " " -Earthcube

Alfred IndpendenceEdit

  • " " -@DoilySpider

Ether and AstraEdit

  • " " -Earthcube


  • "A paladin who believes in Independence and Safety tries their best to help sick people, and make them as independent and safe as possible." -@Jaqdaaw


  • "She fell from the sky to bring us life! I saw her with mine own eyes!" -@Observer138

Patches MaloneEdit

  • "Build a Fantasy child using the first three random words you get from the Generator!" -@DaMoonRulez

Jeremiah NoodlemanEdit

  • " " -Jeremiahnewbie