Samuel Gourd was introduced in “Episode 0: The Tragedy of Samuel Gourd.” He was created using Sean Ravenkamp's prompt, "A farmer who’s been salty ever since he came in second place at the annual state pumpkin festival."

Samuel Gourd was the first character created in All My Fantasy Children.

Personal HistoryEdit

The Gourd family moved to Purithra Guild after a branch of their Wood Elf tribe scorned life among the trees. They made a grab for power by using their knowledge of nature to grow larger pumpkins than the halflings in Purithra Guild. Their original family name has been lost to time; after claiming the mayoral seat, they took the Gourd name to sound more like the “common folk” of Purithra Guild.

The Gourd family lives in a six-story home made of regular building materials. It has been enchanted with elven magic to look like a pumpkin on the outside.

As a member of the Gourd family, Samuel was expected to inherit the mayoral seat from his father, Archibald Gourd. The family had held the title of mayor for over one hundred years.

Samuel was excited to become a man and embrace his fantasies of becoming mayor. He had delusions about what it meant to be mayor (assuming the role to be all fun and games in a hot tub covered in money), and he was in no way prepared for council meetings and addressing the townspeople’s concerns. He did not have the opportunity to experience his shortcomings firsthand, however, because Chad Butternut claimed the mayoral seat before him.

Somewhere in Fantasy, Samuel has a child that doesn’t know him. This occurred because Samuel can't resist a pretty face. During his university days, he had a one-night stand with a highborn halfling. Archibald ensured she would never want for anything again, but she could not be part of their empire. After her disappearance, only she and Archibald know that Samuel's child exists.

Samuel served as Madam Mysteria's campaign manager and running mate when she opposed Chad Butternut for the mayoral seat. He was primarily motivated by the hope of gaining a personal undead army from Madam Mysteria's necromancy. Chad Butternut had Samuel assassinated before the campaign ended, setting the final confrontation between Madam Mysteria and Liminy Locust into motion.

Looks and PersonalityEdit

Samuel's notable physical features include a single gold tooth (a family trait) and an orange pony-tail with a green hair-tie. His gray eyes finish off his full face in a manner remarkably similar to that of a jack-o’-lantern. He dresses in a scarecrow-like outfit including a red flannel button-up, and grass-stained, elastic-waist jeans. Despite this, Samuel possesses a bland mannerism that causes others to look past him until they realize who he is. He seems incapable of recognizing this fact for himself.

Samuel believes in the order of things and the pumpkin competition. Because of this, he seeks the power to get what he wants through any means. He aspires to make something of himself but has a hole in his heart that no amount of power can fill. With such self-centered goals, he fails to see the value in fighting for others.

Samuel claims that his favorite color is orange, though it is actually gold.

Samuel is somewhat ashamed of his heritage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though Samuel lacks charisma, he is highly intelligent and skilled at both forgery and sneaking. In particular, he is highly proficient at forging his father’s signature. As a member of the Gourd family, Samuel has an expansive knowledge of agriculture, botany, history, economics, and business.

Samuel is able to speak the Gourd family’s version of the Thieves’ Cant, “Jackobian.”

As a gambler, his favorite scam is to cheat at games of chance. He is also known to employ flattery in order to get what he wants

Because of his preference for sneaking and backstabbing, Samuel's weapon of choice is the sickle.

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