Episode: Ravenspire: Fullpunk Achemist


Aaron: "Do you have a verbal hug?"

Jeff: "Hmm."

Aaron: "Hmm."

Jeff: "No. Goodnight!"

Aaron[laughing and clapping]: "Goodnight everyone! No- we have to have something, Jeff-"

Jeff: "No, absolutely we're gonna have a verbal-"

Aaron: "Um."

Jeff: "Um."

Aaron: "Oh, wait, here's my verbal hug. How are you doing today, Jeff?"

Jeff: "I'm doing alright."

Aaron: "Yeah?"

Jeff: "Yes."

Aaron: "Okay, well then fuck that, nevermind, um-"

Jeff: "No, there's been some difficulties, like at work and stuff, but um, you know, I've got friends, I've got art. I've got-I've got loved ones. The world is broader than the things that have me down."

Aaron: "That is a lovely thing; that rings true with almost everybody."

Jeff: "Yeah, and you know, it's not to imply there's not real problems-"

Aaron: "Yeah-"

Jeff: "That's not to imply, you know, there are real problems that require real, actionable solutions. But, I think there's- I think the value of a support net is- cannot be over-stated, I think is what I mean to say."

Aaron: "I could not agree more."

Jeff: "And, you know, listening to this show I would like you to know that you've got a support net."

Aaron: "Yes! You always have a support net in Jeff and I cradling our arms as you lay there, with our arms outstretched, to catch you in our verbal arms, and we'll talk about some tabletop characters to make you feel better."

Jeff: "Yeah."

Aaron: "Yeah, that's our verbal hug this week, it's a-"

Jeff: "Its a good verbal hug."

Aaron: "Its a literal group hug with Jeff and I. did you feel that? Did you feel that squeeze?"

Jeff: "Did you feel that?"

Aaron: "That was us, giving a business-friendly hug. Please, if you report that hug to HR it will not be well-founded and it's just gonna get tossed out."

Jeff: "Yup. Yup yup. Fair."


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