Episode: Spot L. Shellman and The Fun-Bots


Aaron: "Um, our verbal hug this week-"

Jeff: "Love the things you create. You know like, create for yourself. The stuff that you create is- the stuff that you create, whatever- whatever it is- whether it is, you know, art, or if you just, if your, if your passion is just cooking, or like, you know, writing or drawing- whatever you're making; make it for yourself and make that the thing that makes you happy."

Aaron: "Yeah, like, um, Spot makes Funny Bots and they're like shoddy, but obviously he never improved on them because he loved them the way they are and its important to like- If, if, you know, you draw, if you do a podcast, if you sing, whatever- If someone's better than you- you know what I mean- its not like- at it- that's like a matter of perspective and opinion, so keep doing you. You can only do your best and you can only use the tools that you got, you know what I mean? You can improve them, but you can only, you can only do you and what you are is perfect and special; that's whats great about you, and so keep making what you make. That makes sense, right?"

Jeff: "Yeah. Absolutely"

Aaron: "Awesome!"


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