Episode: Slash and Burn: History Makers


Aaron: "Um, verbal hug this week. We forgot to, I think, last week."

Jeff: "I think we did."

Aaron: "So we'll just do one for ya."

Jeff: "The people in your life, the people that you love- tell them that you love them. Let the people you know like the people that you appreciate tell them you appreciate them and I think like there's a joy in that right?

Aaron: "Oh absolutely."

Jeff: "There's a joy in that moment. There's a joy in the moment where Slash, in the moments where Slash and Burn show the other they care right?"

Aaron: "Yeah, no, absolutely!"

Jeff: "There's a beauty in that

Aaron: "Its its a level of, unfortunately, emotional availability that is kind of like shmushed down in, at least, American society, that is- Its, its pretty shitty that people go entire lifetimes without telling someone how much they mean to them."

Jeff: "Yeah."

Aaron: "Just because its like, 'Oh, uh, its lame, you sound like, you sound weird' or 'Oh, you're making me awkward' Like no, this is important."

Jeff: "I think that people will appreciate that and I think you'll appreciate- you'll appreciate how it feels, like, you know?

Aaron: "Yeah."

Jeff: "If somebody- if somebody- it doesn't have to- its not necessary- its not like- it doesn't have to be romantic, it can just be like, 'Hey, I like, I like your hat'"

Aaron: "Yeah, hey I appreciate, uh, I appreciate you helping me out through the shitty week, I appreciate you playing PlayStation with me online and distracting me from a lot of poopy stuff that's going on, just so you know that means a lot to me that you give me your time."

Jeff: "Yeah, your friendship means something to me. Or like you, or like the I respect the work that you do. It inspires me to do work of my own."

Aaron: "Yeah, yeah."

Jeff: "Take some time to show the people in your life that you, that- that you appreciate them."

Aaron: "I really dig that, I think its super important."


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